Philbrook bridal photos

Lauren’s Philbrook bridal photos are just to die for! We love that bridal sessions are so in right now and we love them so much! Philbrook Museum has the most picturesque views for these sessions and our brides often opt to do their bridal photos there because it offers them a gorgeous venue with no time constraints. We loved Laurens’s bridal session in the Gardens and it was so hard to narrow down what images to showcase! They were all so beautiful!

We always recommend bridal sessions when a bride wants to have those perfect images before the wedding day. These work so well as hair, makeup, and dress trial runs! It allows you to have those photos you have been dreaming about without the stress of the wedding day. In return, you get to experience something magical in a very relaxed environment.

Philbrook gardens bridal session
Tulsa bridal session
Philbrook bridals
Bride at philbrook museum
Tulsa bridal session at philbrook museum and gardens

We typically recommend scheduling your bridal session at least 7-8 weeks before your wedding. This ensures we have enough time to process and edit your images and you can count on having a gallery to preview and print images to display on the wedding day. As always, we are here to guide you through this whole process. Scheduling your bridal session also means scheduling your hair and makeup trials plus having a replica bouquet made by your flower artist! We have several ways to make sure you dress stays clean and looks brand new for the wedding day, we understand how important it is for it to still look pristine for the big occasion.


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