Being a photographer has given my life a wonderful meaning, and amongst the many other creative things I love being a part of, my heart really enjoys seeing other creatives grow and achieve their goals. I am heavily invested in being a positive addition to our community and in giving back some the knowledge that I have been blessed to have learned in the last 14 years.

Empowering creatives to grow together

Whether you are brand new to photography or you have been doing this for a while, I would love to help!

Mentorship for Photographers

let's get started with just 3 easy steps!


Every mentee I’ve worked with over the last several years has had a different set of goals or needs, so our first phone consultation allows me to learn about your business and help determine the areas we should focus on together. After reviewing your questionnaire and my thoughts from our call, I will put together a plan for how we should focus our mentorship time together to maximize growth in your business. Our mentorship program will be tailored specially for you!

After determining the direction for our mentorship, it’s time to schedule your mentorship sessions. When possible, we prefer to mentor one on one in person, but Skype mentorship is also available for those seeking mentorship out of state. Mentoring plans vary from mentee to mentee, with some just needing several hours of one on one training, and others opting for a more concentrated and in depth six month program.

Just follow the link below where you will be able to schedule a free phone consultation with me. You will also be sent a questionnaire that helps me get to know you, your business, and some of your goals so I’m able to gain some clarity and context before our call.

How it works

mentorship starts with a phone call

Our Strategic plan
for growth

Schedule your mentorship sessions

Wherever you are in your photography journey, we can help!  lets chat!

Possible mentorship Session topics include:


+ Finding your niche and focusing on your style
+ Website and social media review and guidance
+ How to attract & book your ideal client
+ Shooting & posing - or skip posing and learn how to connect with your clients in the moment for organic emotional results
+ Styled shoot guidance and participation with hands on training

+ Workflows and procedures
+ Goal setting and vision boards
+ Pricing & sales best practices
+ Advertising and vendor relationships
+ Off camera lighting and using studio lights
+ Booking weddings and events
+ Timelines, contracts, & problem resolution
+ Equipment and much more! 

One on one mentoring sessions are available for $300 for the first hour, with additional hours available for $150 per hour.  Packages of five hours receive one free hour!

Our six-month program starts at $3,000, and includes a lot of personalized time and attention with our mentees. We gladly offer payment plans to help those just starting their photography journey more easily manage the investment

Our Six Month Mentorship Program

Our six month program is designed for photographers who are in need of an in depth revamp of their business in order to take it to a new level. We offer guidance that is strategically tailored to the needs of each individual mentee.  Included are:

+ A weekly progress email
+ Weekly check ups
+ Weekly marketing tips
+ Unlimited email assistance

we've found that six months is about the amount of time we need to see a major change and measurable progress.

This six month program can significantly help with goals pertaining to booking more clients, how to's, and working through different methods and strategies in support of reaching each mentee's unique goals.  This is all about fostering a relationship where we walk hand in hand with you in pursuit of your particular goals.

I love pouring love and time into those who are pursuing a career in photography, and are perhaps feeling stuck in the same market. This six month mentorship is perfect for someone that is ready to move up and truly elevate their business!

+ Two monthly meetings
+ Two monthly phone calls
+ Two hands on photoshoots
+ assistance with big projects

Contact Us

Let’s walk through this season of growth together!  If you’re ready to get started, please click the link below to schedule a call.


If you have any additional questions about our mentorship offerings, please fill out the form below to get in touch and learn more.

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