Bride staged at the Mansion at Woodward Park in Tulsa Oklahoma.

Meet Stephanie

I first met Stephanie several years ago at a mutual friends wedding. From the moment we spoke, I adored her kind personality, so when we reconnected, I was beyond excited! I love that she remembered me after all these years, it’s a true testament to how sweet and thoughtful she is. That’s one of the many reasons I was so honored to be chosen for such a meaningful task, her wedding photographer!

Being a Tulsa photographer, one of my favorite venues is the Mansion at Woodward Park. From the moment you set foot onto their beautifully manicured grounds, the fresh air sweeps you away. Once you clink champagne flutes, you’ll be feeling like nothing less than a character from the Great Gatsby. And Stephanie’s session was no less than refreshingly classic. Once she slipped into her white dress and made her way down the grand stairs, she instantly elevated the room!

Not only were we able to highlight her grace and beauty, we had fun while doing it! From twirling in her gown, to joking a bit, we were able to capture authentically elegant photos. Stunning images that capture her beauty for a lifetime.

Bride to be, styled in vintage lace, bouquet, for timeless and elegant portrait. Tulsa Oklahoma wedding photographer.

Reasons to Consider a Bridal Session for Your Big Day

Let’s shift gears and talk bridals for a moment. After nearly a decade of photographing brides, I thought it might be time to share why bridal sessions are important. Not just their importance, but top reasons why you should consider one before your big day!

Brides today are only becoming more creative when it comes to planning their weddings. From the moment that ring slides on her finger, they picture what their own wedding can look like. Whether it’s rustic, vintage, or elegant, they all can agree on one thing. Wanting their wedding to be perfect! And nothing makes better perfect than a trial run.

Bridal sessions are essentially a trial run of your dress, hair, makeup and veil. What a better way to test out your look than seeing it all in photos?

Bride to be styled in vintage lace bouquet for timeless and elegant portrait Tulsa Oklahoma wedding photographer
Series of bridal session photos, capturing details and stunning portraits.

Bridal sessions truly bring your vision to reality. Not only that, but it gives you the opportunity to make any changes before the BIG day.

Beautiful bridal session portrait at the Mansion at Woodward Park in Tulsa, OK.

Another reason bridal sessions are great, is because it’s a stress-free way for brides to enjoy another wedding day celebration. I love for my brides to have free-range at their wedding venue and to get extra time to be creative! We’ll be able to get shots that you typically wouldn’t be able to get, with guests crowding the background. 

Of course, every bride is different, so it can be anything you want! Some brides envision a rose garden, beautifully curated museum, or even a destination photo shoot (and yes, we travel too)! Regardless, this is another experience that should be included and planned.

For all my brides, this is a cherished experience. Capturing every detail, so you don’t have to! These photos are meant to last a lifetime, which is why I make all my brides look effortlessly timeless.

Need suggestions? Feel free to look through some of our work, or reach out to us! We’d love to chat!


| Venue: The Mansion at Woodward Park | Dress: Ellis Bridal | Flowers: Robins Flower Garden |


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