Couple cuddling on blanket at Tulsa Centennial Park
Couple cuddling and kissing on blanket at Tulsa Centennial Park engagement
Couple kissing at Downtown Tulsa Centennial Park engagement
Couple kissing at Downtown Tulsa Centennial Park engagement
Couple walking hand in hand in downtown Tulsa engagement
Couple laughing on stairs in Downtown Tulsa
Couple sitting on stairs and embracing in Downtown Tulsa engagement session
Couple embracing in on rooftop in Downtown Tulsa engagement session
Couple hugging and cuddling during Tulsa engagement
Couple dancing on downtown Tulsa rooftop
Couple nuzzled against wall laughing
Couple nuzzling in breezeway
Couple holding hands and kissing against white wall in downtown Tulsa
Couple cuddling against white brick wall

Tulsa Centennial Park Fall Engagement {Australia & Aaron}

Introducing Australia & Aaron! We just adore this fall engagement session at Tulsa Centennial Park and the downtown Tulsa area. They are following it up with a beautiful October wedding and we cannot wait!

How did they meet?

These two met at while working together at a bank! After awhile, they ended up dating, and it just felt right. Aaron loves to enjoy life and tries not to take everything so seriously, while Australia is the 10 year plan type. They balance each other out beautifully! Aaron & Australia support each other, enjoy the simple things in life and love spending time together. They support one another, and put each other first.

How did he pop the question?

On one of their trip to Vegas, the two were running a little late for dinner reservations. Australia, the planner, decided it was okay if they missed them because she just wanted to spend time with her love. On the way to the restaurant, Aaron took her to look around the Avenger store in Treasure Island. Why was beyond Australia, but she went with it! When they finally made it to the restaurant, Aaron revealed that he had a secret plan for the night. Aaron spoke with the hostess, who then escorted them to a table filled with their families! He had changed the reservation and had their families flown in just for the moment- hence the meandering at the Avenger store. Aaron grabbed Australia’s hand and asked her to be his wife. Spoiler alert- she said YES!

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