Details shots of couple in front of the historic museum in Tulsa.
More photos in front of the history rich museum.
Engagement ring photography, for proposal at the Philbrook.
Gorgeous partners, holding hands, as they pose for engagement photos.
Couple poses in front of vintage and historic gardens at the Philbrook Museum.
Iconic photo taken at the Philbrook, for couples proposal.
Bride to be is glowing, absolutely radiant, as she poses for stunning photos.
Bride to be and groom, walking through historic gardens, while stealing kisses in Tulsa Oklahoma.
Bride to be and groom, pose in the garden at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa Oklahoma.

About this Engagement

After scrolling through these sweet couple’s photos, I still can’t help but feel the butterflies! I have to admit, this particular engagement session was extra special for me. Adam, the groom, has been one of my brother’s best friends since high school. So when I found out he was getting engaged, I knew I HAD to shoot their big moment! And I was even more thrilled when they chose the famed Philbrook for their engagement photos!

I absolutely love this place, because it’s the perfect spot to get dreamy photos. Not just because the mansion itself is breathtaking, but because of their luscious gardens! As Stephanie and Adam walked the vast grounds, you can see them slowly escape Tulsa; transcending them into the Tuscan villa lifestyle.

Their love is captivating, and it shows in their photos! When Stephanie kicked off her heels, Adam playfully followed her lead, and quite literally swept her off her feet! That’s another reason why the historic Philbrook is such a great spot. All my couples gently ease into their surroundings, making it easy to capture their moments!


Why to Consider the Philbrook for Engagements or Proposals

There are so many reasons to gush over Philbrook Museum. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure to walk the grounds, allow me to enlighten you! Not only is it one of my personal favorite spots, but also a top suggestion for engagement or proposals ideas.

Of course, I always like to acknowledge that every bride is different when they imagine their upcoming nuptials. But I do have to admit, there’s just something magical about the Philbrook that suits all my couples. Though this historic mansion was built back in 1927, it’s still just as magnificent. And the photos speak for themselves!

Choosing to have your engagement session here, or even planning a proposal, gives you the perfect backdrop! The stunning mansion was designed to reflect an Italian Renaissance villa, and it does just that. So no need to travel to Florence to plan the perfect engagement, when Tulsa has its own Italian sanctuary!

Thinking about the Philbrook? We’d love to chat about your ideas, for your special moment!


More Favorites from this Engagement

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  • Future wife and husband, laughing and kissing as they enjoy the beautiful splendor.
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  • Couple kisses, in front of the entire breath taking garden at the mansion.
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Atherial Beauty | Philbrook Museum


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